Basic rules for making a foundation

Making the foundation for the construction of a building is a rather troublesome and costly process.. Especially if all the work is done with your own hands. This is due to the fact that, first of all, it is necessary to purchase materials, and then independently carry out a whole range of works, characterized by a large volume and manufacturability..

Currently, in the construction of buildings for various purposes, four types of foundations are used. These are slab, columnar, pile and strip foundations. Each of them, in turn, is subdivided into subspecies, although the principle of their construction is the same, and granite crushed stone is used almost everywhere. It should be noted that private houses for the most part are built on a strip foundation of a shallow and recessed type..

Before erecting a building, you should decide on the most suitable type of foundation..

Before starting work, the foundation is marked. At this stage, it is very important to adhere to the manufactured circuit. After that, digging of trenches or drilling of soil is carried out, depending on the selected type of foundation. If a foundation is formed of a strip or slab type, then the next step is to create a formwork for pouring a concrete mixture. Don’t forget about sand cushion formation.

The height of the formwork will depend on the type of soil on which construction work is being carried out, as well as on the annual rainfall in the region. If there is a large amount of snow falling, then it is better to build a high base. It is very important that the upper level on the formwork is placed strictly horizontally..

When constructing a foundation, concrete should be reinforced with reinforcement. After that, the foundation is poured. At the same time, it is most convenient to use imported concrete, since this makes it possible to significantly save time for its preparation, although in this case the financial costs increase.

Knowing some of the basic subtleties of building a foundation, even with minimal knowledge and skills, you can independently form such a structure. The main thing is that before the start of the entire complex of works, high-quality studies of the soil are carried out, and all the relevant permits are obtained..

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