The main element of the interior is curtains

Windows are an integral part of the interior of any room. Recently, designers have been paying great attention to windows. Depending on the size and shape of the window openings, the designer decides how to fill the room, that is, which furniture, decor, fabrics to choose, how to decorate the ceiling, floor, walls, where to place the mirrors.

Curtains and window shape

When contacting the designer, each customer expresses his preferences for indoor lighting. Some people like the bright sunlight that comes through the windows, although some owners, on the contrary, are annoyed by it. In such cases, all problems can be solved with curtains..

Curtains on the windows allow you to transform any room, especially if they were chosen tastefully.

Long curtain rods with a lambrequin will visually make narrow windows wider. Heavy, lined curtains will help to make the distance from the ceiling to the floor large. With the help of light transparent curtains, you can decorate a room for children, as they allow sunlight to penetrate through the windows, which makes the room brighter and brighter.

Making the right choice

If you do not know how to choose curtains, photo examples can be viewed on the Internet, also in any specialty store there should be a catalog with various options for curtains. The choice of curtains, of course, primarily depends on how the window sill is made. Nowadays, artificial stone window sills are often found. They can be of absolutely any scale and color. Therefore, the curtains must fit into the interior, be combined with the color and texture of the window sill..

There is a wide variety of types of curtains and window openings. Therefore, modern designers use various techniques with which you can transform your interior into a more modern and attractive one..

As for the drawing, now in the store you can see a huge assortment of curtains with various patterns, abstractions, pictures, or just plain, etc. If you want to expand a small and dark room, then it is better to choose curtains with a pattern representing transverse stripes. But it should be borne in mind that the simpler the curtains, the more spacious the room seems. Therefore, you can take a closer look at monophonic options, or with less pronounced patterns. In this case, the cornice itself can become an ornament, however, for dense curtain fabrics, it is better to select eyelets.

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