Wall decoration: sticking fabric cover

The principle of sticking a fabric covering practically does not differ from the technology of sticking ordinary wallpaper..

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First of all, the walls should be prepared (they should be leveled and not damaged in the form of cracks, sagging, sinks, etc., as well as primed). The coating must be cut into strips of the desired length. If the base is paper, then the glue must be applied both to the wall and to the back of the coating. In this case, the strip greased with glue must be folded and left for a few minutes to soak. If the coating is made on a non-woven base, then the glue is applied only to the wall. In this case, the likelihood of glue getting on the front surface is reduced. The coating is gently smoothed to eliminate wrinkles and entrained air.

When decorating the walls with a seamless fabric covering, you must first remove all door trims, sockets and switches. They begin to glue from one of the corners of the room. To do this, glue is applied to a small vertical area and the material is carefully glued. Gradually, in the same way, all walls are pasted, including door and window openings, which are subsequently cut out. If the walls and corners are not ideal, then the coating can be glued from corner to corner. Even so, the number of seams is minimal. Seamless coatings are typically teflon-impregnated for easy cleaning and less chance of gross contamination.

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