About the roof truss system

What is a rafter? This is an element that makes up the rafter system, as a rule, which is a metal or wooden beam with a different section..

Distinguish between inclined and hanging rafters. In the first option, a Mauerlat is often dispensed with (a log or beam that fits on top of the perimeter of the outer wall, which serves as a support for the rafters), performing a waterproofing layer. After that, the upper plane is leveled, as well as the horizon of the wall. For this, a planed board is usually placed. Usually now, before starting roof repairs, they order high-rise work from a good company, because it is very dangerous to repair the roof at a height ourselves, so calling specialists for high-rise work will be the best way out..

With this option, the system consists of separately located rafter legs, as well as a rafter structure. The rafters with the lower part of the legs press on the upper part of the walls, and with the upper they rest on the girder, which in turn is installed on the racks. Strengthen such a system by increasing the estimated span length, and also mount additional struts (supports).

The second version of the rafters, docked in their upper part, creates a triangular spacer structure. It includes the following elements: rafter legs and tightening. Thanks to this system, tensile loads are neutralized. This type of load is evenly distributed throughout the entire rafter structure of the building, so their effect on the structure is minimal..

The strength calculation of roof elements must necessarily take into account all physical and mechanical phenomena affecting the roof for the entire period of its service..

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