Sweatshirt as a way of life

Men’s sweatshirts from the manufacturer, purchased for everyday wear, must be in universal colors. However, this does not mean in any way that you need to avoid brightness, clothes should still please us with colors that are relevant in the new season..

Men, unlike women, devote much less time to changing their wardrobe, referring to their strong employment at work, especially in big cities, so it is men’s hoodies in bulk that are a very attractive offer. If you spend a few hours, you can buy comfortable, high-quality and inexpensive items catalogclassictolstovki

The clothes that are called «sweatshirts» are very famous all over the world. The French refer to it as blouse à la Tolstoi, associating it with the name of the great Russian writer. At first, wide men’s shirts were called a sweatshirt — they were worn for graduation. Some models had a yoke with thick gathers. Lovers of L.N. liked these clothes. Tolstoy. And so its name went. Tolstoy himself liked to wear loose clothes, but he wore a blouse — this is not a jacket, but a shirt without a hood.

Initially, the sweatshirt was considered only men’s clothing. But today both women and children wear it with great pleasure. But the sweatshirt today is completely different from what was worn in the days of the famous writer. Now it looks like a jersey shirt or vest worn over a T-shirt. You will feel comfortable and warm in a sweatshirt. As part of a sweatshirt, there is most often warmed fleece knitwear.

The sweatshirt is also called «hoodie» or «kangaroo». «Hoodie» comes from the word hood, which means «hood» in English. Looks like a hooded sweatshirt that the people of America love very much. For a long time, the hoodie was the favorite clothing of street hooligans. In the 70s, it was worn by rappers and hip-hop fans, and in the 90s by ravers and skaters, and is now worn. The meaning of the word «kangarushka» can be easily interpreted. A large pocket in some styles of sweatshirts is associated with the Australian animal. The style of clothing for teenagers today is undoubtedly popular among young men who lead an active lifestyle and never sit still. Men’s sweatshirts with a zipper with a hood — suitable for those who are «for» an active lifestyle.

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