Ecowool characteristics

The use of ecowool is growing almost every day.. This trend is due to the fact that such a material has a number of advantages compared to other heat-insulating materials similar in purpose..

Very often you can hear from people who insulated living quarters with ecowool with their own hands that they are disappointed with the results of the work done. But such negative reviews in most cases are associated with the low quality of this kind of work, and the fact that ecowool has rather specific characteristics, and they were not fully taken into account..

As an advantage of this type of heat-insulating material, first of all, it should be noted its relatively low cost. To this it is necessary to add excellent heat-insulating properties, as well as resistance to mechanical stress, activity of rodents, insects, mold and fungi. This is especially true in the case of insulation of a wooden house. Such material is environmentally friendly, since it does not contain substances harmful to human health, as well as fire-resistant, perfectly absorbs a variety of noises due to its low air permeability.

But, like any heat-insulating material, ecowool has its drawbacks. As such, it is possible to indicate the need to use special equipment in the process of carrying out installation work on laying such an insulating material. This factor, in turn, affects the increase in the total cost of thermal insulation of buildings using ecowool. It should also be taken into account that if dry ecowool laying technology is used, a problem will arise in the process of work in the form of a large amount of dust..

Based on the foregoing, it is safe to say that this heat-insulating material has much more positive qualities than disadvantages. This allows us to talk about high performance characteristics of ecowool. As for the installation of work, it is better to entrust the installation of such heat-insulating material to specialists, since they have the necessary experience and knowledge, as well as the entire set of special equipment used in carrying out this type of work..

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