Russians buy used cars

The company «Formula 91», operating in the market of used cars in the Russian Federation, summed up the results for the first half of the year. During this time, sales of used cars grew by forty-four percent compared to the same period last year..

According to information provided by, the most popular used cars are Ford Focus and Volkswagen Passat..

At the same time, the company’s specialists note that in comparison with the first half of two thousand and eleven, there are significant changes in the top ten leaders. So, a car called Ford Focus has strengthened its leadership position, displacing Volkswagen Passat from the first place.

In the first half of this year, there was also an increase in prices for used cars — the average price of a used foreign-made car was five hundred and six thousand rubles (an increase of seven and a half percent compared to the first half of two thousand and eleven), domestic — one hundred and fifty-five thousand rubles ( growth — fourteen percent). The most popular price category is three hundred to five hundred thousand rubles. More than forty-one percent of used cars are purchased for an amount that falls within this range.

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