About native advertising on Instagram: why you should use it and how to do it right

Native advertising on Instagram Stories is a very effective and affordable way to promote products. In order to take advantage of the opportunities of such advertising, you should turn to the universal marketing platform Instajet. On the site, you can explore an extensive influencer database and hire suitable influencers who will advertise the product.


The Instajet platform has a lot of advantages:

  1. An extensive catalog of bloggers, each of which is ready for productive cooperation. You can choose the right blogger literally in one click.
  2. The Safe Deal system is used to protect orders. It is possible to replenish the balance as an individual or legal entity.
  3. Advertising terms are strictly observed. The deadlines are indicated in the application and confirmed by the blogger himself.
  4. The system for monitoring the status of orders and placement is transparent and completely understandable.
  5. When using native advertising on Instagram, brand awareness expands dramatically, and the number of users visiting the company’s website to perform targeted actions is growing.


Native advertising differs significantly from conventional advertising. It allows you to neutralize the feeling of intrusiveness inherent in standard advertising posts. When persistent calls to purchase this or that product are heard from all sides, people involuntarily experience irritation, and the desire to follow the call does not appear.

Native advertising is completely unobtrusive and natural. The user does not even notice that he has watched the commercial or image, the advertisement is so organically inserted into the plot.

After viewing, the user makes a decision to purchase the demonstrated product in full confidence that no one pushed him to do so.

This idea is implemented quite simply. A popular blogger enters into an agreement with a company and uses its products (cosmetics, clothing, services, etc.). At the same time, the blogger does not even have to say the brand names out loud. It is enough that these things will now and then pop up in photos and videos. Users will certainly pay attention to the things their idol constantly uses and make a purchasing decision.

Native advertising can also be implemented through questions in stories. For example, an interested user may be asked the question «What cosmetics do you usually use?» or «Where did you buy such cool shoes?». Answers to such questions are also native advertising.

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