How to build a gazebo with your own hands

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Every owner dreams that it is at his dacha that it is convenient and pleasant to spend time. For this, women plant flower beds and make dacha decor, and men, in turn, try to build a gorgeous gazebo. If you don’t have a gazebo yet, and you decide to make one, then here are some tips that will come in handy:

1. Before starting construction, it is important to determine the location of the gazebo. This should be a sunny place so that it is not cold in the gazebo. The place where you will build the gazebo should also be surrounded by a pleasant view. That is, you should not build a structure in the corner of your estate..

2. In the next step, you must choose what kind of gazebo will be. There are summer options that are sorted out for the winter, there are also those that stand all year round. It is recommended to build a permanent gazebo, because if you disassemble it for the winter and build it again for the summer, there is a high probability of its damage..

3. Start building your house from the foundation. It can be either wood or metal. It doesn’t matter what you make the foundation from, the important thing is that it is well anchored. That is why it is necessary to stick the base for the foundation well into the soil. Such a foundation must be strong enough so that the floor does not sag..

4. Next, install the walls and roof. They can be carved from wood as well as made from various planks without carving. Secure the body of the gazebo well.

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