Christmas toys made of cotton wool

The technique of cotton papier-mâché has been known since the time of our great-grandmothers.. In the old attics, you can try your luck to this day — if you are lucky, you will be able to find those very wadded men, animal figurines, fruits, or even a whole airship. Or try doing something similar yourself. To do this, you need a wire (flexible, well-kept in shape), pliers, cotton wool (preferably non-sterile), threads, starch paste or diluted PVA glue, brushes, gouache or watercolor.

Bend the frame of the future toy out of the wire. Don’t try to make it detailed, just outline the basic outlines. The toy can be composed of several parts. Line the wire frame with clumps of dry cotton wool to form a volume. Secure with threads. Divide the cotton wool carefully into thin layers and spread them on the table in small pieces. Apply it gradually to the base while saturating it with paste. Smooth the joints of the pieces with your fingers or a flat brush. Continue until the entire figurine is covered with an even top layer. Threads and wire cage must not show through.

Dry the resulting figurine. Depending on the size, drying can take anywhere from two hours to several days. Paint the dried workpiece with paints, pierce a hole with an awl and attach a thread for hanging. Apply a layer of clear varnish over the paint, if desired. For a festive sparkle, add ground mica to the varnish.

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