Insulating materials

Insulating materials

Good thermal insulation of the building will provide significant savings in various energy sources, and will carry out air conditioning during the summer. The most popular methods of home insulation are not always economical and comfortable (a house with sealed windows, foam glass and foam insulation, etc.) Mass use of such a «famous» insulation as polystyrene foam is limited by fire safety standards, because it emits extremely toxic substances during combustion. Mineral wool slabs are active sources of microfiber and formaldehyde, and this is harmful to the inhabitants of the house..

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To date, a number of insulating materials have been used, which will give a wonderful and comfortable home environment. Cement particle boards are used for house formwork. They are very durable and have low thermal conductivity. They are lightweight, have good moisture resistance, do not burn and do not emit toxic substances. The main drawback is fragility. For roof insulation, a material such as Siopor is suitable. Also, in addition to insulation, it will remarkably play the role of sound and heat insulating material.

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