Materials for the manufacture of interior doors

To date, a very large assortment of interior doors is presented in retail chains.. They differ in many characteristics, the main of which is the type of material from which the doors are made. Based on this, interior doors are wooden, plastic, glass and metal. They all have their own characteristics, which should be considered in more detail..

The most traditional material is wood, since it is used not only in the manufacture of various structures, but also for construction work. Already traditionally, wooden interior doors Rada are an indicator of good taste, and a source of warmth and comfort in an apartment or house..

Such doors are in perfect harmony with almost any interior elements. In addition, today on the market there are doors made of materials that imitate natural wood. These are products from laminate, MDF, chipboard, melamine, etc. Their high popularity is due to their lower price compared to natural wood doors..

Interior plastic doors are a relatively cheap option, and in most cases they are installed not in residential, but in office premises. And this trend is observed only among domestic consumers, since in some European countries doors of this type in houses and apartments are installed quite often. Plastic doors are manufactured in a wide variety of designs. They can have a wide variety of shapes, shades and styles, therefore they are very much appreciated by lovers of the most unusual interiors in the «modern» style.

For domestic apartments, metal doors are, of course, a rarity. In this regard, such products are not widely represented on the market. Doors of this type can be either rather massive, with honeycomb filling and covered with a galvanized sheet, or elegant glazed, with elements of wood, aluminum profile and glass..

Currently, you can also purchase interior doors, in the manufacturing process of which glass is used. Such products can be both completely glass and have edging, or partially filled with glass. In the latter case, the interior doors are called glazed.

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