Range of services for restoring refrigeration equipment in Los Angeles

Equipment providing cooling, ventilation or heating is complex and expensive. It is created to be reliable and of high quality, but may fail during operation. In such situations, it is worth contacting trusted specialists. One such company is LARefrigeration.

Service characteristics

The full name of the company is LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co and it is a certified performer in the following areas:

  1. Installation, adjustment and repair of refrigeration equipment.
  2. Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems.
  3. Carrying out work on installing and ensuring the functioning of climate control equipment, ranging from conventional air conditioners to systems for the entire building.
  4. Installation and operation of heating equipment.

All service options may include a range of works. They begin with studying the features of the room where the equipment will be installed and determining the customer’s needs. Next, a plan is formed, installation, connection and adjustment of the system are carried out. Specialists can travel to conduct regular equipment inspections and perform preventative maintenance.

However, the company’s main focus is on urgent calls when equipment fails. First of all, this concerns refrigeration equipment for business, where in the hot Californian climate losses can be significant.

The company has its own transport, an emergency team with the necessary equipment is on duty around the clock, and can go to almost any area of Los Angeles and its suburbs.

Company Features

The company has extensive experience in maintenance and urgent emergency work. In any conditions, high-quality, accurate diagnostics are carried out, which is facilitated by the experience of the staff and their technical equipment with devices and tools. Our own warehouse allows you to quickly select the necessary components and parts for replacement.

The team leaves almost immediately after receiving the order. Repairs even in the most complex cases take hours. After the procedure, a guarantee is issued for the spare parts used and work performed.

The pricing system is transparent and depends on the volume and complexity of the work, the cost of the components and parts used. The service is accessible to businesses of any size and does not involve large expenses. Over 35 years of work in the market, the company has gained a reliable reputation.

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