Door production in Belarus

Door production in Belarus

The company «Doors of Belarus» has been selling and installing doors between rooms from Belarus since 2005. During this time, manufacturers were selected who are responsible for the quality and appearance of goods..

During these years, the company «Doors of Belarus» was able to become such a reliable supplier through the link cataloginterior, whose production facilities are located in Belarus. Canvases with boxes are made alder or pine, then applying a coating. For decorative coating use natural ash veneer, which has a composition for toning, or bleached colors with patina.

A pair of alder models are supplied with no additional coating, tinted with enamel is applied to the surface of the base of the canvas made of wood. An additional advantage is the presence of purity of the final product, in which there are no chemical compounds with heavy materials. A box with platbands and other elements is made of wood, which is a rarity for today’s manufacturers. Door blocks are additionally equipped with decorative elements in order to increase the aesthetic value. They can be platbands for decoration, carved onlays for platbands in the form of squares, basement elements, various capitals.

It is easy to buy doors in an Internet store. Experts will make all the required measurements. When necessary, they will offer more options for interior decoration or wishes more suited to the budget. Doors made in Belarus will prove to be a profitable and safe offer in terms of ecology. In terms of value for money, it will be the best choice on the market for doors.

The interior doors had to undergo enough changes, when they are designed, they do not make complex ornaments and patterns in the form of curls from wood, now they have a completely different design with a device. It is considered significant that each door can fit the interior, highlighting the features of prestige, the style of the apartment owners. Since any person wants to buy doors that will meet his desires, every requirement. Belarusian specialists are capable of creating these doors.

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