Cooperation between Nissan and IzhAvto

The head of the Republic of Udmurtia, Alexander Volkov, at a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, said that at the end of 2011 the Nissan carmaker with its models will come to the IzhAvto plant.

The head of the republic also said that the plant could become one of the leading factories in Russia to promote the Japanese automobile brand in our country..

Alexander Volkov thanked the head of government for the decisions made in December 2010. Every month the head of the republic personally holds a meeting with representatives of the plant and at a meeting with the prime minister said that the workers of the plant are in a great mood, as they are confident in their future after they have secured the support of the prime minister.

He also clarified that in August all the procedures prescribed in the order of the Prime Minister will end. The plant in September will be fully under the management of IzhAvto and will begin cooperation with Nissan in the fourth quarter of this year..

The head of Udmurtia also recalled that the business plan issued by the government and valid until 2015 includes the production of 300,000 cars. He is confident that IzhAuto is capable of producing high-quality cars based on Nissan cars..

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