10 tips for decorating a room. Part 2.

In part one of this article (read here), we began to acquaint you with tips that relate to interior decoration. Tips like these should help everyone find their balance in decorating and furnishing their dream room..

5. Resist the urge to be too themed.

For example, if you are renovating apartments in St. Petersburg and want to devote the interior to ships, then a pair of decorative accessories with sails and a blue-and-white palette will be enough. You should not buy all the interior accessories that relate to ships — this will create an absurd overkill.

6.Create a focal point.

In cinema, there are main and auxiliary actors. The same is true for interior design. Pick a star for your room and focus on it. Don’t let all the furniture and all the accessories play a major role, but also don’t leave the room starless. Your key actor could be the fireplace in the living room or the headboard in the bedroom. This something should attract attention, but work in conjunction with the rest of the heroes of the room..

7. Create lines of sight.

Your focal point should be free and unobstructed. The best place for a focal point is at a certain point opposite the entrance. In this place, the main elements of the room should be installed that attract attention..

8. Keep track of your collections.

Don’t hang parts in your room that just don’t fit. Even if you collect decor with wild animals, and received as a gift a huge purple figurine with a lemur. If she does not work in the interior, find her a new home or a new place..

9. Vary the scale.

What looks good in the store may be an unnecessary elephant in the room. The item can be either too large or too small. Always present an item in your interior, not only inside it, but also in the place where you plan to place it.

10. Ignore all principles in favor of creativity.

Having some of the professional advice at hand is a good reference for creating a starting point for furnishing and decorating your home. However, the main factor in all your actions in interior decor should be your personality and creativity. If you like it, then it’s good..

Happy decor.

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