Hosting control panel for site management and security

Every website owner wants to host it on a reliable server. People are also interested in maintaining their own resource. Nowadays, hosting control panel is offered by the ispmanager service. This is the best option that will help you deal with various issues easily.

What services are offered on ispmanager?

Here you can get many useful and popular types of help. Among the characteristics of the main options:

  1. Site management. You can configure a web server for a resource. The most popular CMS are available: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. Supported versions include PHP, Python, Node.js. Information is easy to download using a practical file manager. The code editor is graphical, so it’s easy to understand.
  2. Security support. There is a reliable protection module against hacker attacks. There are antiviruses that are needed for mail and websites. User rights are limited. Backup is fully automated.
  3. Mail server settings. You will be able to create mail on your own domain. There is a built-in email client, software for an answering machine and for sorting letters in the mail.
  4. SLL certificate management. Certificates are issued free of charge and are updated automatically. You can install commercial certificates on both mail and websites.

Thanks to this list of services, the ispmanager service has become extremely popular in our time. You will be able to effectively manage your website without encountering any difficulties.

Who is the ispmanager service suitable for?

All its functions can be used by different categories of people. Among them:

  1. Web developers. In one control panel you can easily host sites on various versions.
  2. Site managers. Create projects using the method that is convenient for you. This is not only a website builder, but also popular CS.
  3. System administrators. The server can be managed from a single interface. Install a variety of software, configure security, perform operations automatically, and so on.
  4. Hosting providers. Join the affiliate program. This is your opportunity to sell VPS on favorable terms. Sales will be active and productive.

Appreciate the rich functionality of ispmanager in practice. This is exactly what you need to effectively and easily set up your own portals!

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