Unique material — CaesarStone quartz stone

Recently, in the process of construction, repair, creation of the interior of residential premises and its various elements, a variety of materials have been used.. Products and finishes made of natural stone are very popular. They have high performance characteristics, beautiful appearance and many other advantages..

But, their cost is quite high, therefore, not everyone can use natural stone for decoration or for the manufacture of interior elements from a financial point of view. Therefore, materials of artificial origin with the same properties as natural stone have become widespread. These include the CaesarStone quartz stone..

A feature of the quartz stone of artificial origin, presented on, is that such material can be used in the process of creating the interior of residential premises. It has high hardness, since natural quartz and synthetic resins are used for its manufacture, the presence of which in the composition of the material gives it high strength properties and resistance to temperature extremes and aggressive environments..

Due to this, the use of CaesarStone quartz stone is quite widespread. This material is used to make bar counters, countertops, window sills, sinks, sinks, walls, floor coverings, ceilings, etc..

Such a stone has high strength, is completely non-hygroscopic and during operation does not wear out, does not scratch and is resistant to mechanical damage. During the production process, such material takes the form of large-sized sheets, which allows it to be mounted on large areas with minimal seams..

The main feature of this type of artificial stone is that it is an environmentally friendly material with a unique richness of colors. All this makes it possible with its help to bring to life a wide variety of design projects and solutions..

This artificial stone is in perfect harmony with stainless steel, natural wood and glass. Due to the presence of natural quartz crystals in the structure of the stone, the surface of such material has an original color and special shine..

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