Plastering works

The purpose of plastering work is to level the working surface and prepare it for further finishing work, such as: painting work, painting the ceiling, finishing work. All this is used in the renovation of apartments and offices..

Plastering can be applied to various surfaces, from brick and stone, to concrete. There are a huge number of methods for plastering walls and ceilings, the choice depends on the thickness of the layer, the angle of inclination of the working surface, etc. Manual and machine plaster can be used, depending on the required technology. The work is carried out with various mixtures: manually diluted, or ready-made solutions. The choice of technology usually depends on the surface to be treated, the area and conditions of the object..

Plaster can be: ordinary, decorative and special. Regular — used to level the surfaces of walls and ceilings of varying degrees of complexity, plus it can be used to decorate the facade of buildings. Plastering work with decorative material — used to embody any design fantasies related to interior decoration. Special plaster — used to improve the characteristics of rooms and buildings.

Most often, plastering of work surfaces and plastering of walls in rooms is carried out using different building materials, but the method of work in the overwhelming majority of cases is the same. Thanks to the mechanized method, in combination with high-quality modern equipment, it is possible to implement the most ambitious work in the shortest possible time.

The decoration of buildings, both indoors and outdoors, is very important in modern society. As usual, they are greeted by our clothes and everyone is pleased to enter a beautifully lined building with a pleasant and high-quality interior inside. Of course, the quality of work is different, so you must always choose the right contractor, because the durability of the work done also depends on the quality..

One of the proven contractors is Shtukaturov LLC, which provides any professional plastering services. The work is carried out in accordance with high standards of finishing work, which ensures an impeccable result. In addition to plastering work, the company can provide floor screed services.

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