Overvoltage protection

Not a single electrical network is insured against power surges, due to which light bulbs blink, household appliances turn off and fail.. These surges arise, as a rule, due to poorly performed electrical work. In any case, you need to call an electrician.

To protect against problems associated with voltage surges, stabilizers or voltage monitoring relays are used. About these two types of devices, their pros and cons — in this article.

Voltage stabilizers allow you to maintain the voltage level in the room so that surges, which can reach several tens of volts, do not adversely affect electrical appliances. Depending on the type, specialization and conditions of use, the device can cost 4000-6000 rubles. Stabilizers are industrial and household, electromechanical, relay, triac, double conversion and pulse-width modulation.

Voltage stabilizers allow 2-3 times to increase the service life of incandescent bulbs and household appliances, increase the overall performance of equipment, and also ensure the normal operation of devices with voltage surges in the range of 180-220 volts.

Of the disadvantages of stabilizers, we note their relatively high cost, impressive dimensions and the need for maintenance, which requires installing the device in a convenient place. In addition, the stabilizers need to be periodically cooled, they are noisy, sensitive to dust, moisture and various electrical phenomena..

A control relay is a device that is mounted in an electrical panel and is triggered only at the moment of a sharp voltage surge. It turns off the network for a few seconds and then turns it on again. The shutdown intervals can be adjusted to suit a particular device or equipment. Up to 6 relays can be installed at the same time.

These devices are inexpensive (400-800 rubles), unpretentious in maintenance, reliable and do not take up much space. At the same time, prolonged voltage drops cause the relay to turn on and off, which is not very pleasant for the inhabitants of the room..

The best option is a combination of stabilizers and voltage relays, however, you cannot do without eliminating the cause of the drops. Only an electrician can identify and eliminate the causes..

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