Polymeric floor covering

Today, jellied floors, especially polymer floors, are considered fashionable and stylish.. Their installation is not that difficult. The main rule of the bay is to follow the instructions attached to them. If we say briefly about the flooding of the floors, then this work will consist of several stages. First of all, prepare the concrete base, then prime it. The next stage is the application of the main layer of polymer floors. Then it is necessary to carry out the installation of decorative elements. And at the very end of the work, the floor is sealed with surface varnish, thus the finishing layer is applied..

If we talk about decorative elements of a polymer floor, then there are several options. You have the opportunity to choose any color scheme. Chaotic mixing of several colors under the roller is very stylish and fashionable. This will definitely make your floor unique and interesting. By the way, tarkett parquet board has the same advantages, as it is suitable for decoration.

A special uniqueness will also be given by filling over the not yet solidified layer of decorative flocks, which can be pieces of acrylic paint, various small glitter-glitters and other small colored details suitable for such decoration.

An interesting solution would be gluing a photo image in a volumetric design onto a polymer floor. Thus, you will get 3D self-leveling floors that are very fashionable today. And the drawing made by the artist will look very original and fashionable on such floors..

Try the stone carpet technique. To do this, you need colored sand, the immediate configuration of the picture. You will also need to choose the size of the particles of such sand and the degree of the surface finish layer. It can be either smooth or structural..

If you are a creative person, then it is worth trying to create a panel on a polymer floor or insert various elements into it (coins, dried leaves, flowers, etc.). But the use of Venetian plaster in decorating a polymer floor will give it the effect of depth and volume..

When choosing a decorative decoration for a polymer floor, it is worth considering the purpose of this room and the design solution of the overall interior in it. The main thing is that in the end you will be comfortable, convenient and pleasant from the floor covering you have chosen..

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