Siding or clapboard?

Facing of premises and log cabins with decorative panels is used mainly for interior decoration. Wall decorative panels are sheet, typesetting and acoustic.

Sheet panels are made from MDF, fiberboard, gypsum plasterboards, as well as from polystyrene, HDF, metal sheets. A decorative coating is applied to the base of the panel, imitating wood or natural stone, as well as any other textures and shades. The panel can look like, for example, carpet or velvet. For special moisture resistance, the reverse side of the panel is impregnated with a special compound. As a rule, the standard panel size is 1.22 x 2.44 m, thickness is 3-6 mm. The panels are mounted on a rail or glued. The grooves are covered with decorative elements.

Acoustic panels — more massive, they serve to eliminate echo in rooms with a large area.

Typesetting panels outwardly resemble lining.

Siding and clapboard are often used for exterior decoration of premises. The lining is a 4-meter and thinner and wider plastic or wooden profile products. Its edge is provided with a groove on one side and a spike on the other for precise joining. The lining is installed on a lathing made of a bar. Thanks to the spike-groove connection, the lining does not allow precipitation in the form of rain and snow. The use of this building material is also justified for the interior decoration of cabins and baths..

Siding is both a material and a finishing technology. Siding is usually called metal or vinyl clapboard. Compared to traditional wooden lining, vinyl and metal lining has a longer service life — up to 50 years. Siding makes it possible to finish the building, giving it an elegant and unique appearance.

Vinyl panels are very practical, they are unpretentious, attractive and require little maintenance in order to look good. But like any other outdoor product, vinyl panels will occasionally need your attention. If you follow our cleaning guidelines, they will look great..

Vinyl lining is cleaned with a garden hose. But if the contamination is very strong, you can use a brush on the handle with long bristles or a soft cloth together with the hose..

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