Smooth ceilings in the hallway

A flat ceiling is a miracle that we have the opportunity to contemplate extremely rarely. The most difficult type of interior work is any repair work on the ceiling. False ceilings will help to facilitate the work. Due to the remaining space of 5-6 cm between the battens and the ceiling, small errors do not matter. In this way, we save time on work and in the service of ceilings. We advise you to visit the online store high quality ceiling lamps are waiting for you.

For the most part, the hallway rooms are small, therefore, the ceiling should be either light colors or backlit. For light colored ceilings, the materials must have a dustproof surface. The PVC ceiling, despite its high cost, leads the rating of the highest quality. This look is suitable for both home and office use. Divided into: gypsum, mineral fiber, steel. The latter are the most reliable and practical in terms of care. It is worth washing the steel surface of the modules once a year with a neutral soap solution. A good option is plastic ceilings. It is advisable to choose a white material, since the borders between the stripes steal the light effect. Lighting is only daylight, recessed into the ceiling. When choosing false ceilings, choose your lighting fixtures carefully. Because they can become hotbeds and primary sources of fire. Such a ceiling is attached with a crate installed on the sides. The plastic ceiling wins in terms of installation and service life. Loses — high flammability and low environmental friendliness.

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