What hairstyle to choose for the prom

At the prom, all girls want to look irresistible.. They think over everything to the smallest detail — dress, shoes, makeup … And of course, hairstyle is not left without attention. This is one of the most important components that will allow you to shine at the school ball. Today, classic, elegant hairstyles that emphasize youth and beauty, or avant-garde hairstyles or rock hairstyles are in vogue. High and complex styling is a thing of the past..

Modern hairstyles for prom hairstyles1651.htm are simple, so many of them can be done at home. But you can also sign up for a salon with a master, but you just need to do this in advance. Curls and curls can be an excellent choice for a prom. The curls flowing over the shoulders look stylish and natural and are suitable for all girls, without exception. And to make the hairstyle look more original, use hoops, headbands, various hairpins with rhinestones.

Some owners of long hair, imitating Hollywood stars, make voluminous curls and put them on one side. This styling looks impressive and solemn, so those girls with short or medium hair also do a similar hairstyle. Braids, evenly alternating with curls, look festive..

I must say that braids and pigtails are firmly entrenched in fashion. This is one of the main beauty trends today. Braid hairstyles look very elegant and elegant and are very suitable for young girls. A French braid wrapped around your head in a Greek style will help you become a real star of the prom. And if a young beauty wants to be at the ball with bare shoulders, then she can be advised to do such a hairstyle as a «ballerina bun». It can be high and low, smooth or slightly whipped, voluminous, side, decorated with braids, ribbons, hairpins, hairpins, natural or artificial flowers, and other accessories..

Short hair can be styled with retro hairstyles, which are also in vogue today. The main thing is to choose the right shape so that it is combined with a prom dress and shoes. Easy to style and cut hairstyles1794.htm bob, which has several options. This haircut can be short or long, with or without bangs. For many years in a row, the square has been considered the most fashionable haircut. A classic square with elongated front strands is suitable for all hair types and is suitable for all girls, without exception..

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