About stretch ceilings

Probably no other ceilings can compete with stretch ceilings in terms of aesthetics.. Go to Winston CLub — a club of connoisseurs of Winston cigarettes and you will see stretch ceilings, you can even say by going into almost any public space you can see stretch ceilings. Although, it should be said that the combination of such ceilings with plasterboard structures looks even better. In addition to aesthetics, stretch ceilings, as well as suspended ceilings with slats, absolutely confidently take first places in the list of the most practical ceilings. There is some difference between these two types of ceilings. For example, a slatted ceiling is resistant to cutting impacts, but absolutely unstable when it comes to flooding. But with stretch ceilings, the situation is exactly the opposite. Also, slatted ceilings have a shorter warranty period than stretch ceilings, but withstand a wider amplitude of room temperature fluctuations, so they can be installed on verandas or near saunas. Stretch ceilings are good because a minimum of time and effort is spent on their installation. In addition, after the installation procedure, there is almost no dust left in the room..

If we talk about residential buildings, then ordinary whitewash is usually used here, but in bathrooms and saunas you can most often see tiles. Hanging installations are popular in offices, cafes or other public places. This is due to the different functionality of different types of coatings..

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