Advantages of metal-plastic windows

Due to the fact that metal-plastic windows have a number of advantages, they began to be installed more often. These windows have a long service life of at least 50 years. They are not afraid of wind, rain, high humidity, hail, direct sunlight, as well as frost.

The material from which the windows are made does not swell from water and high humidity, like wooden windows. Rehau plastic windows have excellent thermal insulation. This property is not possessed by windows made of aluminum profiles..

If a window is made of a five-chamber profile, and a two-chamber double-glazed unit with three panes is inserted into it, then the sound insulation that this window possesses is many times greater than the sound insulation of other window structures. It is recommended to install such windows in apartments with which there is a busy highway, noisy industries or main streets, where it is very noisy throughout the day, but you want such a welcome peace and quiet in your own apartment..

Reinforced-plastic windows are easy to clean with any detergent, it is very easy to care for them.

Such windows do not need an annual refreshing painting and putty, like wooden windows. These windows are airtight, which is very important in winter when heating a room. Metal-plastic windows have the best fire-fighting qualities. These windows not only do not burn, they immediately go out and do not support an open fire..

Such windows have an attractive look and original design. They can be laminated to match the color of the wood, and then they are not inferior in beauty to natural wooden windows covered with varnish.

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