Greenhouse construction

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Building a greenhouse on the site is a fairly simple task, and, most importantly, it does not require large investments. For the greenhouse device, a certain amount of reinforced polyethylene or high-density film is required, which will require partial or complete replacement and repair in a couple of years due to natural wear and tear under the influence of the environment. Wooden sections can be used to reduce the amount of material used. For the manufacture of such frames, a lot of material is not required; in case of damage to the film or rupture, it is not necessary to completely change the canvas covering the greenhouse — it is enough to replace one section. The main thing is that such a structure is quite mobile, it can be easily disassembled right on the site..

Natural wood can be used as the main structure, and with additional treatment with an antiseptic composition from the fungus, it will serve you for a long time. Making such a frame is not difficult with the help of an improvised construction tool. When planning the size of the greenhouse, take into account the width of the roll panel, due to the correct cut you will save on material.

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