Columnar foundation.

One of the simplest types of foundation is the columnar foundation.. We will talk about it in this article..

This type of foundation is perfect for a light house, often a wooden one. For example, it can be a log house, a log house. A frame or panel house is also good for such a foundation. But a house made of stone will not withstand such a foundation. It is not recommended to install such a foundation on the ground where lateral movements are possible and the ground with a weak bearing capacity..


The name in this case speaks for itself. A columnar foundation is made from pillars that are driven into the ground. They are placed in the corners of the building, at the points where the walls intersect, under the columns. All of them should be located along straight lines, despite the fact that the distance between them is from one to two and a half meters.

Materials for a columnar foundation are stone, brick, concrete, sometimes wood.

Foundation beams are laid on the pillars, which transfer the load of the house to the pillars.

The advantage of such a foundation is simplicity and cost-effectiveness..

Remember: The foundation is very important in the construction of any structure. It is on the foundation that the house rests. The technology of erecting the foundation must always and unquestioningly be correctly followed by any builder, otherwise it threatens with real problems in the future. More often than not, people prefer to give the opportunity to build the foundation to specialists. Even if you want to build a house yourself, we advise you to hire a specialist assistant or a team of workers who will make the foundation for you..

The Proektstroy portal wishes you a successful construction.

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