Heating in a modern house

For housing located in domestic climatic conditions, the quality of the heating system of houses is especially important.. Therefore, in the process of designing a residential building, it is necessary to pay special attention to the solution of this problem. There are several ways to organize heating at home. The most common is the technology for creating an autonomous heating system..

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in living quarters in most today allows heating and underfloor heating of a water or electric type. Using electricity for these purposes is a slightly more costly, albeit efficient way. In this case, electric heaters are installed in the premises, which have certain advantages. Their installation does not take much time, but all work should provide for the presence of specially developed technical conditions, the laying of separate cables and the installation of a special meter..

Electric heaters quickly heat up the air in the room, but reduce the oxygen level in it (in the case of convectors and appliances with open heating elements). Heating systems made in the form of electric underfloor heating are more practical. They are manufactured using film infrared elements, heating mats or special cables..

The traditional heating system in houses is a water heating system. It uses water as a heat carrier. Heating of the coolant is carried out in a gas or electric boiler, after which, by forced circulation. It is supplied to the radiators located in the premises. Such a heating system can also be installed according to the principle of «warm floors».

For these purposes, pipelines are placed under the floor covering, through which heated water passes, which gives off heat to the room. It is also possible to make warm floors of water type in an apartment, but this is fraught with certain technical difficulties and the need for coordination with the housing maintenance organization.

Choosing a heating system for a country house should be based on the specific conditions of its operation, the possibility of installation work and financial capabilities.

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