How to choose a laminate for an apartment?

Finding the right flooring is not easy. Everyone wants the floor in the house to be beautiful and durable, and also does not require special maintenance. Today, most consumers choose laminate flooring. Laminate is the most popular flooring, besides, it adds coziness and warmth to the apartment. How to choose a laminate, and what are the criteria for evaluating laminate flooring?

Laminate class

The selection of laminate flooring depends on which room you are choosing it for. Since the load on the floor in the apartment is less than in public places, then the laminate is selected in a different class. There are 6 classes in total. For the home, you can use a coating of class 21-23. For example, class 23 laminate is more suitable for the kitchen, as well as the hallway. For the bedroom, you can use a medium-strength laminate — 22 classes. Well, class 21 coating is suitable for a dressing room.

A more durable laminate, which is designed for high loads, is also suitable for an apartment. This is a laminate with markings 31–33. The highest class of coverage is 33. Such coverage can be used even in a gym..

Moisture resistance and water resistance

Usually, a high-class coating is sufficiently moisture resistant, that is, when it comes into contact with moisture, even for several hours, it does not deform..

Some time ago, another type of laminated coating appeared — waterproof. This laminate can be used in the bathroom as it has a plastic base..

Choosing the thickness

The thicker the laminate, the higher its strength. Coating thickness from 6 to 12 mm. For an apartment, a 7 mm thick laminate is quite suitable. But for a margin of safety, you can use the thickest coating. When choosing a thickness, you also need to consider the size of the room. If a 6 mm thick coating is used in a room with a large area, the sound insulation may be reduced. If you chose granite steps, then the laminate probably will not work for you..

Formaldehyde class

The formaldehyde content can be found on the packaging. It is considered the norm if the label — E 1 is on the package. Likewise, the laminate must be tested for the EN 13329 certificate.

Guarantee period

When buying, do not forget to specify the warranty coverage period. Laminate flooring is usually warranted for 3-4 years. But some manufacturers have extended the warranty to 10 years…

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