Faulty wiring

In the modern world, every home has light and electricity.. And it is difficult to imagine how people lived without light, television, all household appliances and other items that run on electricity. Over time, they began to use candles to illuminate their home. We begin to think about such things only in those cases when the lighting in our house disappears. One of these reasons is a wiring malfunction..

Indoor wiring damage can be of two types. The first type is a short circuit, and the second is an open circuit. A short is the most common wiring problem. It can be the result of the smallest damage to the insulation, but the results can be quite unpleasant and dangerous. A short circuit can also be the result of using faulty household appliances, poor fastening of elements of electrical appliances, and some others..

A break occurs when the veins inside the wire burn out or break due to their frequent bending, or these veins can deteriorate under the influence of corrosion. The most dangerous phenomenon associated with electrical wiring is considered to be its ignition. This can happen when the wires are too overloaded with current. Most often, this is caused by a very large number of electrical appliances connected to the network..

Therefore, very often we hear warnings that say that when leaving the house, it is necessary to turn off all equipment. This way you will protect your home from fire. After all, being at work, school or on vacation, you will not be able to come to the rescue and save your home..

There are some methods by which you can determine the place where the breakdown occurred. Wiring includes a huge number of different elements and its circuit is quite complex. Even if you try to check everything and, going through each element, determine the place of damage, you still will not succeed..

Therefore, the best option would be to highlight those places that you suspect of a malfunction due to the appearance of certain manifestations that have caused doubts. These areas should be checked, but only check those areas and elements that do not threaten your health. In such cases, contact the wizard for help and let him fix the problem..

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