Christmas script for Sunday school

1st Host: Hello, we are glad to see you at the holiday dedicated to the Nativity of Christ! On this day Christ was born, we are obliged to glorify his name today, showing a small scene.

2nd Host: Christ gave everyone life, goodness, faith in a miracle … And where in the modern world without this — without a miracle, without good, without faith … ?? Well, well, it’s time for us to start. We will tell you the story of the appearance of Jesus Christ.

(Enter 2 shepherds and head shepherd)

Chief Shepherd: Today one star shines so brightly, something great has happened in this world … and where is Irom?

Shepherd: Looking for a sheep that was lost while walking. If the owner does not find it, he will be angry. Something is cold in our cave, even the fire does not heat well, but there is so much joy in the heart. Why is it?

Enter the second shepherd — Irom.

Irom: I learned the good news, Christ was born !! The Most Holy Virgin Mary gave birth to a son tonight, and they named him Jesus Christ. This joyful event happened in the city of Bethlehem. There is so much joy in my heart, and happiness. Our liberator, teacher was born ….

Christmas in a snow-white blizzard

and in the crimson ringing of silence

Christmas is fun for the heart

Christmas is a celebration of the soul

Head Shepherd: So let’s go congratulate her on this great event. Only going empty-handed is not good. Did you catch the sheep? Let’s surpass this gift for them, the baby needs warmth and milk.

Irom: Got it. I agree, let’s go and take this gift to her. Milk so that the baby grows strong, but these warm skins so as not to get sick.

Host: They walked a long time to the cave where Jesus Christ was born. But we got there. They enter and see the Virgin Mary in front of them, and Jesus Christ is sleeping in her arms in a sweet dream. She is surrounded by magi, common people. Everyone wants to look at and exalt their gifts to their mother in a miracle.

Chief Shepherd: Irom, you will give presents. Darom and I are afraid. How not to hurt this miracle.

Irom: Okay, father. Give me all the gifts, I will go.

Host: Irom put all the gifts to the baby and his mother, and for a long time they stood and marveled at this miracle.

(Exit. Readers exit.)

Host: We are glad that so many people are present here. So this scene ended. It turned out to be small and, probably, did not fully reveal the whole essence of the holiday of the Nativity of Christ. Now our little students will read poems about this holiday, and then we invite you to a tea party.

Poems are taken from these resources:



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