Foam block is a great alternative to brick

When building a house, the question arises, what material to use for this. Now the construction market is vast, so everyone can choose the material that will be favorable and will not hit the pocket hard..

For example, when building a house, you can use a foam block. This material is made from a bud and has a special structure that is suitable for building houses in cold areas..

This material is called a foam block due to the fact that during its manufacture, a solution of concrete, sand, water and a foaming agent is used. It is also worth noting its properties: fire resistance, low shrinkage coefficient, heat and sound insulation.

If you look into history, then the foam block can be considered a relatively young building material. If we compare it with the brick we all are used to, which appeared 3000 years ago, then the foam block is only a hundred years old..

There are two types of foam block — synthetic and organic. As a rule, a synthetic foam block is much cheaper at its cost, but the quality is lower, and an organic one is more expensive, but at the same time it is considered an environmentally friendly material..

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