How to align the walls of a house and apartment

Unfortunately, in all houses, the problem of uneven walls is relevant in our time.. How to avoid this problem initially and how to level the walls if the apartment is bought, not built.

The walls in our apartments do not have a perfect surface natively. Irregularities, dents, bends in the structure of the walls and this is not the whole list of problems. The owners of the apartments, who at least once made repairs themselves, are very aware of the «advantages» of the walls. As a couple, it seems that the construction crews who built the house when joining the slabs used a quote from Raikin: «We have quantity more important than quality!» The current newly built houses do not leave pleasant impressions, thus not departing far from the days of Raikin. It is generally accepted that if the house is sold to the owner as a building material (in our time it is used like this), then it is not worth spending money on its further finishing work.

In simple terms, if at the end of the repair you are pursuing the goal of conforming to the European standard, you will not be able to bypass the repair robots. It does not matter at all what you do next as a result: glue the wallpaper, lay out the mosaic or wake up painting. Even in an attempt to avoid all this and simply hide the walls under the decorative panels, you still have to level the walls, since the wood slats are stacked strictly on a smooth horizontal surface. Ideally, the panels will not be able to adhere to each other if the wall is not even.

The walls in the apartment, the house should look like the pages of a glossy magazine.

The best assistant in leveling the walls will be putty, which you will have to use a lot. For example, to level a room with an area of ​​7-10m2, you will use approximately 150kg of vetonite. Vetonic is a powdery special mixture that, in the process of adding water, turns into a putty.

Venonit is the best combination of price and quality in one product, therefore it is currently considered a good type of putty. Vetonika is not the only representative, there are also more expensive types of putty, such as Knauf putties. The difference in these two products is significant Knauf’s putties are more plastic than Venonic, thereby yielding. It all depends on how uneven your walls are, so get ready that you will need a lot of putty.

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