How to choose a doorknob?

How to choose a door handle?


Modern man opens doors every day and several times. To the office, to the subway, to the hospital, to your own apartment. To make the door handles not only pleasing to the eye, but also serve for many years, you need to choose them wisely. This article will provide you with some tips to help you avoid getting lost in the wide range of these products..

What to look for?

Arriving at the store, immediately inform the seller a few points that will significantly narrow the list of products that are suitable for you. First, you need to clarify where the pen will be used. Of course, specimens for interior doors differ from those intended for external entrances. Secondly, check if you need a lock (for doors to bathrooms and toilets, handles with a lock are assumed so that you can close from the inside).

Remember that brass handles are the most durable, but at the same time expensive. They are usually installed on front doors. Such a product is not afraid of temperature changes, and is also resistant to stress. Of course, it makes no sense to put such handles in the interior doors — the costs will not pay off. Better to give preference to cheaper alloys (aluminum, lead).

Pay attention to the coating — chrome-plated and nickel-plated handles will not peel off over time, like just painted ones, and you will not have to change a handle that has lost its appearance ahead of time.

If for some reason you need to restrict the entrance to a room, for example, a pantry, each store will provide you with a large selection of handles with locks and you can lock the door with a key..

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