Fences for a summer residence

The most popular solution in the construction of fences is to bury metal posts at regular intervals into the soil.. At this distance, between the posts, the fence sections are installed, which are parallel strips. Planks sawn from various wood species are installed on the manufactured base. They can be fastened both by observing the rooted pillars, and close to each other. To extend the service life, it is necessary to process the wood with special compounds. Covering with varnish or paint, wood becomes resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Of course, the main disadvantage lies in the need for careful processing..

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Noticing the fact that, like other structures, the fence lends itself well to finishing work. For example, decorating with various elements provides not only a protective fence, but also gives it an aesthetic appearance. Wooden fences do not imply high costs, do not require the use of specialized tools, do not spoil the environment. Remarkably, the entire process of building the enclosing structure can be carried out by one person, without any help..

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