How to download videos using TubeRipper: rules and tips

Did you like the video on YouTube and want to show it to a friend? A new track was posted on your favorite channel — so cool that you could listen to it all day long? This is possible, because content from YouTube can be downloaded! It is impossible to do this using the site itself, but a little help from a third-party service will help out. YouTube Video Downloader will help you get the video you want and watch it everywhere!

A little about the service

TubeRipper is an online service for downloading videos and audio tracks from YouTube. It also knows how to download from other social networks and sites. A complete list of supported resources can be found on TubeRipper itself. The content is downloaded in the form of an audio track, a full video or a video track without sound, depending on the user’s desire. There are different formats and several quality options.

TubeRipper is a completely free site. Registration is also not required. All functions are available directly on the main page.

How to use

There is a window on the main page of the site. You need to copy the address of the video you like and paste it into this line. Press the button on the side. A small menu will open: select the file format and its quality. Specify the download parameters and start the extraction. The video will start downloading.

The alternative method is even simpler. You don’t even need to go to the site! It is necessary to slightly modify the video address. Add three sevens before the word “youtube” (the address will start to look like “www.777youtube…”) and go to the new address. The download will begin immediately. You won’t be able to select download options; they are standard, but great for most videos. The advantage of this method is speed: the download process takes almost no time.

Wait for the file to download completely, move it from the “Downloads” folder to a more suitable one and enjoy! There are no additional conditions.

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