Dirt collecting tray — just what you need next to the entrance to the house

One of the big problems in the country is the abundance of dirt.. Well, where can we go without her? It’s still nature! However, we carry this dirt home on our boots and constantly struggle with cleaning the rooms. And especially things get bad on wet days. Spring comes or the height of the rains begins in the fall and everything immediately flows and mixes with the black earth. And you will not even have time to think, as instead of beauty at the front door you will be greeted by a large puddle of mud. By stepping into this slush, you will pull it home on your shoes. It’s okay if you gently rub your feet on the mat, but how often do you plan on replacing this next accessory? And your children or frequent guests … Will they also actively wipe their feet on the rug? Will that be enough? In general, to solve this and many other problems, somehow someone came up with such a design as a dirt collecting pan.

Dirt-collecting pallets, including a plastic pallet, can be purchased in the CityTop online store. The company also provides a wide range of products such as antisplash coatings, antisplash systems, antisplash carpets, door grids, modular coatings..

Dirt-collecting pallets, depending on the type of product, are installed in the ground or mounted in the porch structure. The installation procedure for the sump is quite simple. At the bottom of the finished pallet, the manufacturer usually makes a place for connecting the drainage pipe.

The dirt collecting pan is used to collect dirt. The use of a dirt collecting tray is recommended for all those who want to optimize the ingress of dirt into the house. This is especially a useful thing for gardeners and summer residents, who quite often move from the premises to the street and back..

Dirt-collecting pallets are plastic, metal or made of polymer concrete. A number of structures require an additional support mesh, others do not need it. Sometimes a heating system is offered to the dirt collection pan, which prevents the grate from freezing in winter..

For everyone who appreciates cleanliness in the house, aesthetics of the exteriors and just wants to save money on cleaning, dirt collectors are a real helper. The Proektstroy portal wishes you a clean and comfortable country house.

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