How to properly purify water for a country house

One of the most important tasks of suburban living is the availability of clean water for drinking and the household needs of its inhabitants.. Such houses can receive water from different sources — a central water supply system, a well or a well. But in any case, in order to obtain high-quality water, it is necessary to have a water purification system built on the basis of its preliminary analysis..

At the first stage, mechanical filtration of water is carried out with a different degree of purification, depending on the degree of water pollution. So, for example, tap water can be subjected to fine purification, while water purification from a well should be carried out with the removal of larger particles from it..

Further, water is purified from iron, an excellent solution for which can be aeration of water from a well or a well, using the method of forcing air into the filter tank and oxidizing impurities. The need for such cleaning becomes obvious when water purification in a cottage only mechanically disables pipelines and radiators, due to the presence of an iron impurity in it in 0.5 mg.

Often, water has a high content of magnesium and calcium salts, which characterizes such water as «hard». In such water, soap and washing powder do not foam well, scale appears in the kettle and hard layers in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Water purification from a well or well can change such properties of water using the following methods:

thermal — by heating water,

distillation — by freezing water,

reagent — by introducing chemical elements that react with water impurities,

reverse osmosis,

ion exchange,


Chlorination, ozonation of water or its irradiation with ultraviolet light, allows you to disinfect water. Water purification carried out in this way in a country house or cottage is final and prevents the presence of all kinds of bacteria and viruses in it..

For compact placement, a water purification station is used, which can contain a diverse set of filters that allow for sequential water treatment, which acquires quality characteristics at the output. The placement of such a device does not require large costs and makes it possible to change the place of its installation..

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