Advantages of modern euro windows

Durability, high technical performance, no problems in operation and maintenance — this is the set of characteristics that any quality product should have..

Modern euro-windows are fully consistent with these indicators. They are made of high quality materials using the latest technologies and this explains the growing popularity of these windows..

The modern market for euro windows is well developed and thanks to this, any buyer has the opportunity to choose windows that meet his requirements and we are talking not only about the price criterion, but also about design performance and functional characteristics..

In addition, euro windows can be conditionally divided into types based on the materials that are used in the manufacture of their profiles. Most often these are metal-plastic, wooden and aluminum windows..

The greatest demand is for metal-plastic windows due to the fact that they combine great functionality and low price. They do not need special care; it is enough to wipe them sometimes. The durability of these euro-windows has been tested by many of our compatriots and is second only to aluminum cases..

As mentioned earlier, aluminum euro-windows are rightfully considered the most durable, they are very heat-resistant and can even protect against fire. In addition, aluminum windows have special features in design and functionality. They can be produced in any shape and size, at the request of the buyer they are made capable of turning and opening in any direction.

The next type of windows is chosen by people who monitor their health and microclimate in the house. We are talking about eurowindows with a profile made of wood. These euro-windows are the most environmentally friendly and consist of safe materials, therefore they are gaining more and more popularity. The wooden profile is able to pass air, thanks to which they «breathe», making the air in the room cleaner, normalize steam exchange and solve the problem with condensate, preventing its formation

As we can see, old wooden windows have outlived theirs and are giving way to more modern, high-quality and attractive windows. Now you can tell the children with a smile that before the windows had to be painted and washed regularly, and in winter, each family performed a whole ritual of preparation for the cold, insulating the windows with cotton wool and rags.

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