Venetian plaster

Back in the Renaissance, the world was familiar with the classic «Venetian plaster». In fact, it is a transparent plaster based on various components. However, marble and lime flour are fundamental.

On the European continent during the Renaissance, the technique of marble surfaces was especially popular. The large number of European cathedrals is a direct confirmation of this. In them you can find white marbled plaster. It was used as the main element when painting surfaces..

Today, «Venetian» plaster is generally considered a transparent plaster based on marble flour, which, when applied correctly, imitates marble. This product contains an aqueous emulsion and hydrated lime. It is not difficult to buy Venetian plaster in any specialized store..

True professionals in their field are able to create, using «Venetian plaster», real masterpieces. However, you should immediately make a reservation that the cost of such work is quite high..

You can buy «Venetian» plaster in buckets or cans with a capacity of 7 to 25 kg. There it is contained in the form of a thick transparent liquid. It can only be applied to already prepared surfaces. It is very important that the wall is completely flat, since even small cracks are visible underneath due to the transparency of the product..

«Venetian» can easily be tinted in the desired color. The surface will look the most presentable and resemble marble if you use several shades of the same color.

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