Installation of sockets and hoods in the bathroom.

It has become fashionable and simply necessary to conduct electrical wiring to the bathroom. With the advent of illuminated mirrors, jacuzzis and other devices, it is simply vital to have an outlet in the bathroom, otherwise why then all this is being produced and bought. It is better if the installation is carried out by a specialist, since the bathroom is a rather dangerous place for electrical appliances. To date, only high-class and certified craftsmen who can be trusted are offered electrical work in Moscow and other cities..


The bathroom is a room with high humidity, therefore it is necessary to install special waterproof sockets. These outlets have a sturdy plastic housing and plastic shutters to protect the interior of the outlet from moisture. For additional protection, special crimp rubber rings are sold that tightly seal the entire structure..

Install the outlet as far as possible from the sink and bathtub. It is better to arrange an autonomous electric line, consisting of three cores and connected to the nearest panel. The very process of installing this outlet occurs as usual..

The bathroom in a typical multi-storey building is usually equipped with a ventilation shaft. To clean it for better functioning, you need to remove the ventilation grill and put on a glove, wrap your hand, put your hand into the shaft with some kind of rag and clean it with rotational movements.

For better ventilation, a fan can be installed on the vent. Because without sufficient ventilation, condensation can form in the bathroom that can harm the coatings of mirrors, furniture and household appliances available there..

Usually the ventilation system of the bathroom and toilet is combined, therefore fans with a non-return valve should be installed. It is better to take a fan with adjustable power and on and off mode.

It is more convenient to mount the fan during repair, if this is not foreseen, it is necessary to decide on the type of activation of this device. You can connect it to a light switch or make a separate switch. If the first option is selected, the fan will start its work as soon as the light turns on and turn off when it goes out..

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