Plumbing equipment

Before starting the construction of a water supply network, it is necessary to make its project. The project will reflect: the route, the source of supply, the object of receiving water, the terrain, obstacles, the type and characteristics of the soil, etc. And of course, special equipment and water pipes will be required for the water supply. Pipes for the water supply system are made of different materials, there are even glass or plywood. But we will not consider them, since they are not applicable for use in private households. Consider the main types of pipes.

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Cast iron. According to GOST, they can be of different diameters, with different working pressures. If all the technologies were followed in the manufacture of such pipes, then they are quite durable. The downside is considered to be poor resistance to dynamic loads and high weight.

Steel. These pipes are made from different grades of steel. They are distinguished by a large assortment, and have different wall thicknesses, are plastic, durable and lighter than cast iron pipes. Minus — susceptibility to corrosion and overgrowth.

Reinforced concrete. They are heavy and difficult to install, therefore they are practically not used for private construction.

Asbestos-cement. Lightweight and very fragile pipes. Susceptible to external corrosion. They are joined using cast iron or asbestos-cement couplings using a rubber seal.

Plastic pipes. Possessors of many virtues. Lightweight, non-corrosive, have low thermal conductivity and low hydraulic resistance. Used for both outdoor and indoor work.

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