Quartz stone: features, scope

Products made from quartz stone represent a special interior philosophy. This material is natural, so comparing a quartz stone countertop with other similar products is the same as comparing a first-class car to a bicycle..

Quartz stone is an agglomerate containing at least 97% of natural rock quartz. Quartz is by far the most abundant and important mineral. This rock-forming mineral, which also belongs to the number of precious and ornamental stones. Due to its properties, CaesarStone quartz stone is resistant to physical and chemical influences, so the scope of use of this material is quite wide. The technology for processing such material was developed two decades ago, but its deliveries to the domestic market began relatively recently..

Quartz stone products have high strength and durability. They resist mechanical stress very well, do not crack, do not scratch. In terms of its physical qualities, quartz stone is superior to marble and granite. During operation, this natural material is not erased, does not require special care and polishing, due to which the final product has excellent operational and consumer properties..

Quartz stone is characterized by high refractoriness, frost resistance and heat resistance. The main feature of the production of such a material is the use of vacuum vibrocompression of all its components. Thanks to this, products made of quartz have a high density, excellent water-repellent properties, resistance to bacteria, various microorganisms, etc. Such properties of the material are especially important in the case of its use for the manufacture of elements of a kitchen set..

If we compare the characteristics of quartz stone and granite, it should be noted that the latter has natural radioactivity, which is not a very positive factor. In contrast, quartz agglomerate is an environmentally friendly product, which is confirmed by the presence of a certificate, and as of now it is an indisputable advantage..

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