Preparation for leveling the ceiling

The first stage will be preparing the surface for leveling. It is necessary to remove loose plaster and old whitewash from the ceiling. This can be done with an old wide chisel or steel trowel. Then you need to wash off the chalk stains from the whitewash with water..

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After you have cleaned the surface, proceed to mark the level of the applied material. An affordable way to apply a water level. Its constituent are two transparent vessels. A scale is applied to their walls. They are connected with a long hose. The level is filled with water before work. In two vessels that are located vertically there will be the same water level. This allows measurements to be taken.

In order for the work to be comfortable, a couple of people are needed. One person will level the ceiling against the wall and mark the required ceiling level. Another will move around the perimeter of the room with the second flask and mark the level on the walls.

After that, you need to connect the points that are marked using a long ruler. After the markings are applied, the maximum deviation of the ceiling from the level is measured. If it does not exceed 50 mm, then this type of work can be used. Before leveling the ceiling, it must be primed.

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