Preparation for the construction of the stairs

The main purpose of the staircase, regardless of its design, is to ensure the movement of people and small loads between floors.. Ladder structures can be found in modern multi-storey buildings and small suburban buildings. In addition, it should not only fit into the interior, but also ensure safety when people move around it, especially children..

High-quality production of stairs, and there may be several of them in the house, requires at least a sketch. To do this, you need to understand what its height will be, the angle of inclination, what will be the profile of the steps and the method of its fastening. When determining these parameters, it is necessary to remember that the greater the angle between the stairs and the floor, the steeper it is, and, accordingly, the risk of moving along it increases..

Practice has shown that the optimal step is a step with a width of 0.3-0.32 and a height of 0.04 meters. The experience of many builders shows that a flat staircase provides maximum safety when it slopes at 37 degrees. At this angle, the distance between the steps is 170-200 mm.

Before starting work, it is necessary to make a stencil for marking the location of the steps and prepare some tool — a hacksaw, a plane, a screwdriver or a screwdriver. To make a staircase, you need to purchase the appropriate materials. For the manufacture of stairs, hardwoods are ideal — oak, beech, larch. Pine comes next after them. When buying material, you must remember that the moisture content of the material should not exceed 10-20% of natural.

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