Red color in the interior

Red color in the interior

If you decide to use red in the interior, you should be aware of some of its features.. Everyone knows that this color attracts attention, it is very bright and distinctive. Like any color, this one has its advantages and disadvantages..

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The advantages include, first of all, its brightness. If you add even a small amount of red to the interior, then the room will immediately transform, become livelier and more original. This color gives energy and strength, of course, when it is selected with taste, and in moderation. The disadvantages include this — if you overdo it with red, then the room will look just terrifying.

Being in such a room will not only be difficult, but also undesirable. First, imagine — what will it feel like in a room where everything is red all the time? In addition, this color is very tiring for the psyche and consciousness. It is not at all conducive to rest or relaxation. But many people are so afraid of exactly this «bust» that they prefer to simply abandon the red in the interior. But in vain! It’s not a bad idea, you just need to approach everything competently. Any designer can confirm this to you. By the way, for such «experiments» it is better to use his services.

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