Restyled Lexus IS-F received a new dashboard

Lexus IS-F

Lexus presented its restyled car. This is a charged IS-F sedan. The general public can admire this car only in October, as part of the Paris Motor Show.

Like all cars in the IS line, this car was equipped with headlights in which LED sections were seen. But the most important change affected the dashboard, or rather, it was completely replaced..

Lexus IS-F

In the center of the redesigned panel, you can now see the tachometer, and the speedometer has become slightly smaller and now is located slightly to the right of its usual position. Also, the salon received new sports chairs, on which blue stitching stands out brightly..

As for the power plant, no action was taken against it. Under the hood, there is still an engine capable of delivering 423 horses, the volume of which is equal to five liters. The maximum speed that is available Lexus IS-F is 270 kilometers per hour. But don’t believe the numbers. Testing Lexus will help confirm all of the above..

Lexus IS-F

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