Selection of a door lock

A reliable door lock is necessary so that uninvited guests cannot enter the house.. When choosing a lock for a door, it is extremely important to select the correct modification. The lock should be very comfortable and easy to use, but too difficult to pick. 24-hour assistance in opening locks in Kazan!

It is very important who exactly made the lock and how high-quality its assembly is. A castle that is not expensive will not be able to work normally for two years. In the event that the choice falls on an inexpensive lock, you need to prepare for the fact that its repair or replacement will not be long in coming..

The cost of the lock depends on the complexity and high-quality manufacturing of its mechanism. In addition to quality, all locks may differ in the principle of its fastening. As a rule, all door locks are divided into three main types:

• consignment note

• hinged

• mortise.

When purchasing a lock, it is necessary to take into account which direction the door should open. Another criterion by which all door locks can be divided is the principle of their work:

• magnetic

• cylinder

• suval

• cylinder

In some cases, more complex models can be produced, they are combined.

Many locks have special protection, which increases the reliability of the lock several times. Protection can be sold together with the lock, or it can be purchased separately, it all depends on the wishes of the buyer.

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