Some features of the construction of baths

As you can see, with the use of a chamber-and-pillar development system, mining operations were carried out on the Verkhnyaya Marianna seam — a complex of buildings on the street. Amangeldy. Although, due to the massive collapse of the overburden of the rock in the area under consideration due to improper management of entrapment works, it was not possible to identify the efficiency and optimal parameters of the system in terms of protecting structures, this experience proved the possibility and expediency of working out coal reserves with such a system within the safety pillars for capital buildings and structures..

This conclusion is also confirmed by the experience of working out safety pillars for the Verkhnyaya Marianna — 2 seam under the industrial site of the Stakhanovskaya mine and the complex of buildings on the street. Mayakovsky Kirovsky district chamber system according to the project developed by KNIUI. As shown by instrumental observations carried out by the shift sector of the Kazakh branch under the leadership of A.Y. Murashev, the greatest effect was achieved when the ratio of the width of the chambers and the width of the pillar was 1: 2, which ensured a smooth displacement of the rock mass with an insignificant manifestation of deformations of the earth’s surface.

Attempts made in the basin to protect the undermined structures by increasing the rate of movement of the working face — the building of school No. 2, the Shakhtar Central Stadium — did not yield positive results, since with the existing coal mining technology in the basin, which ensures the rate of mining excavation up to 60 mm / s, and the depth of mining more than 200 m, there is no noticeable improvement in the deformation regime of the earth’s surface. Moreover, an increase in the rate of movement of the working face in the presence of dense soils at the base of the undermined structures, characterized by a high modulus of deformations, can adversely affect the outcome of their underworking. So, conducted by the authors of the study of the nature of the redistribution of soil resistance at the bottom of the foundations of the undermined large-panel houses in the field of the mine. Kostenko showed that with an increase in the rate of the process of displacement of the earth’s surface, the intensity of redistribution of the reactive resistance of the soil increases and, as a result, additional forces acting on buildings increase..

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